Learning to cope with your new cancer diagnosis is hard enough.

But then an even tougher decision lies ahead…
What’s next?

This page is about you. You’ve been twisting your bed sheets at night, wondering how your life, relationships and finances will change. You’re lost in a whirlwind of emotions—anger, frustration, fear, guilt, confusion, hopelessness. And with the opinions of doctors and loved ones coming at you from every direction, overwhelm is starting to sink in.

woman with no hair from chemotherapy leaning against wall in thought

When it comes to deciding your next steps, you don’t even know where to start.
You’re drowning in options.

Maybe you’re feeling pressured to follow the traditional treatment route of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but you’re interested in exploring natural alternatives such as diet, supplements and IV vitamin C. You just have so many questions that still need answering like:

  • What does a natural cancer treatment plan consist of?
  • What does integrative cancer care mean?
  • Do natural or alternative cancer therapies even work?
  • How do natural therapies compare to conventional treatment?

The good news is: You’re not alone. We know just how daunting and exhausting the research process can be, but at pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care, we’re here to answer your questions, help you explore your cancer treatment options using our signature Integrative Cancer Care Program and put your mind at total ease.

Our practice is guided by two core beliefs:

  1. You can’t do this alone, nor should you have to. When it comes to natural, alternative and complementary cancer therapies, our naturopathic doctors know how to serve you best. After all, we’ve been doing it for over 12 years and with inspiring success.
  1. Even with a treatment team in your corner, you deserve this opportunity to participate in your own cancer journey. We can provide the education and resources you need to make informed decisions, communicate with you to create a personalized plan that aligns with your treatment preferences, and most important of all, put the power back in your hands to map out your own road to recovery.

Believe it or not, life after cancer can look just as good as it did before.

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Tell us your story. We’re all ears.


Dr. Elias Markou speaking with a patient


It’s normal to feel paralyzed, confused, afraid, angry and numb when you’re first diagnosed with cancer, especially when the tick-tock of life-changing treatment decisions has left you little to no time to process your options and emotions.

Before the initial shock has worn off, your oncologist is recommending a treatment plan that includes a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Maybe you’re even questioning the side effects of these procedures and wondering if they’re really right for you.

Then to turn the dial up on your already-to-the-max stress, your doctors, friends and family are all weighing in, which just makes navigating your next steps an even bigger challenge. We know it can be a lot of information to digest when your mind is already at full capacity.

But we also know that

while you didn’t choose to get cancer, you have the power to choose how you treat it.

Tweet: While you didn’t choose to get #cancer, you have the #power to choose how you treat it. via@mycancercare Visit: http://ctt.ec/0cjnf+


That’s why at pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care, we’re here to support you with every step of your cancer journey, from prevention to diagnosis to recovery and beyond. We’re sharp listeners, deeply compassionate and treat you like you matter.

Ready to take charge of your health and happiness again?

Then click on  the stage of your cancer journey that applies below to you to find out what your “next step” is:

What Stage of Cancer Are You?

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