young woman with cancer wearing scarf on her head talking to her doctor

If you’re currently treating cancer or preparing for conventional treatment, you may be wondering:

What are my other options?

We hear you. With all of the supplementary natural treatment options and alternative therapies out there, it’s natural (and even smart) for you to want to get a big picture view of your road to recovery.

As experts in this particular area, we can help bring clarity and confidence to your decision-making process. We recognize that the perfect healing equation is different for everyone and work with you to design a cancer care plan that’ll help you recover on your own terms.

Some questions you may be asking yourself right now:

  • How can I limit the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation?
  • Is there a problem with only using chemotherapy and radiation to treat my cancer?
  • There are so many anti-cancer diets promoted on the Internet, which one is the best?
  • There are so many natural supplements that claim to have an anti-cancer effect. Which ones work and which ones don’t? Is there any research to support these claims?
  • I’ve heard that intravenous (IV) Vitamin C is commonly being used as a natural cancer therapy. How can this help me?

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If you want someone to look at your cancer from a more holistic and integrative perspective, we can give you a panoramic view of how diet, supplements, intravenous vitamin C, immune support and detoxification can enhance your conventional treatment plan.

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