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Detoxification and cancer treatment, yes it’s possible and why you should do it.

Did you know that since World War II, close to 80,000 chemicals have been created, many of which are cancer-causing? Any compound that impairs cell function or structure is considered a toxin and can contribute to the development or spread of cancer if not kept in check. This is why detoxification is so important in getting rid of all the “junk” that’s creating havoc in your body.

Why Detoxification After Drugs, Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Environmental factors, as well as the drugs, chemotherapy and radiation treatments used in conventional cancer treatment, can cause toxic chemicals to build up in your body and wage war on healthy cells.

By detoxifying your body, you’re allowing it to return to its normal state. Detoxification in conjunction with natural medicine can rev up your energy, blast cancer cells, and even protect surrounding healthy tissues in the process.

Our Cancer Detoxification Program:

We’ve put countless hours into the development of our comprehensive cancer detoxification program because we know how much this process can impact your recovery.

Our cancer care detoxification strategies use a cutting-edge and innovative fusion of nutrition, functional foods, juicing, biotherapeutic drainage treatments, hydrotherapy, colonics, infrared sauna and exercise to neutralize and evict toxins from the body.

We also ensure any detox therapy is timed with your other conventional treatments and carefully monitored every step of the process, so it’s totally safe for you.

Our unique step-by-step process will help you:

  • Create a cellular environment that makes cancer cells want to leave—and stay gone
  • Activate detoxification pathways in the liver, kidney and intestines to purge toxins
  • Whip cellular health into shape and upgrade alkalinity
  • Eliminate inflammation in your organs at their deepest cellular level

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