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Vitamins and minerals are the raw materials that allow our cells to function properly. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to produce enough energy for cellular growth, function and repair.

The best way for us to get these essential nutrients is obviously through our diet or even extra supplementation, but sometimes, our bodies don’t absorb these nutrients at high enough levels or they aren’t delivered to our tissues.

The usual culprits for impaired nutrient and vitamin absorption are: poor digestion, food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, constant stress, cellular toxicity or any chronic disease. And when it comes to cancer, higher than normal levels of vitamins and nutrients are necessary to give healing a hand.

Dr. Paul Hrkal preparing an IV therapy solution bag

Intravenous (IV) or infusion therapy is the direct the administration of nutrients into the bloodstream. The best part about IV therapy is that the nutrients bypass the stomach and intestines and get directly to areas where they’re most needed to boost cellular healing.

IV therapy also allows much higher doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to be given without gastrointestinal side effects and with maximum absorption. While only 50% of oral vitamin C supplements are absorbed, 100% of IV vitamin C is delivered to your cells since it bypasses the digestive tract. This important advantage makes IV therapy powerful in addressing chronic diseases like cancer.

Your condition, type of cancer, stage and conventional treatment all determine what type of IV therapy is best for you. At pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care, our naturopathic doctors have specialized training in IV therapy, and can help you determine if and what type of IV therapy can be infused into your treatment plan.

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