If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, you’re probably wondering:

Now what?

picture of paper in typewriter with words "medical examination report: cancer"

Maybe you’re feeling:


Let us help you clear the fog.

We’re here to share all the different options available to you and the truth about integrative cancer therapy.

Our trained naturopathic doctors can help you comb through all the research and misinformation about natural cancer care, as well as explore and evaluate the treatment options that are right for you. (You’ll actually be surprised by how many you have.)

At a glance, you may fall into one of these three categories:

  • A natural cancer treatment plan
  • An integrative cancer treatment plan, blending natural and conventional therapies
  • A natural cancer treatment plan following chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery to prevent cancer recurrence

Tell me how natural therapies can fit into my current plan. Call 905-891-3865 or Book your FREE 15 Minute Consultation online now.

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