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Being mindful about what we’re putting on the ends of our forks is a big part of the anti-cancer equation. If you really want to turn your health around and reverse the cancer-growing process, you’ve got to nourish your body with cancer-fighting nutrients and start banishing processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates from your kitchen cupboards.

We’re sure you’ve already caught wind of some of the more popular anti-cancer diets out there like the Gerson Therapy, the Budwig Diet, the raw-vegan diet, the Ketogenic/Paleo Diet and the Mediterranean Diet. Nutrition and cancer treatment information can be overwhelming.

But as with all therapeutic approaches, the big problem is: Everyone responds differently.

Not every diet is right for every person. If you’re someone with digestion problems, you probably won’t thrive on a raw food diet. As well, many of these diets are time-intensive, and not everyone has the willpower to sustain them. This is why it’s so important to have a personalized nutritional plan in place that works for you and your lifestyle.

We know that switching over to an anti-cancer diet can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start. We believe that small, simple steps are essential to making lasting changes. Just talk to your cancer-dedicated naturopathic doctor at pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care, and we’ll making eating better easy by providing you simple tips, tasty recipes and a personalized nutritional program.

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