Q&A: Studies show natural therapies are safe but most oncologists still wants to avoid them – Why?

table with fresh wildflowers with words: Q&A: If Studies Show Natural Therapies Are Safe With Chemo And Radiation Why do Most Oncologists Still Say to Avoid Nutrients, Herbs And Antioxidants?

If Studies Show Natural Therapies Are Safe With Chemo And Radiation Why do Most Oncologists Still Say to Avoid Nutrients, Herbs And Antioxidants? Unfortunately many oncologists are still holding on to the outdated concept that chemo and radiation have a “PRO-oxidant” effect, which would be undermined by the consumption of “ANTI-oxidants.” The mechanisms of chemotherapy… Read Full Article

Q&A: There are so many anti-cancer diets promoted on the internet. Which one is the best?

woman unsure which direction or decision to make

To fully answer this question I would have to write an entire book. The most popular cancer diets include the Gerson diet, the budwig diet, the raw-vegan diet, the ketogenic/paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet. As with all these therapeutic approaches there is a large variation in how each person responds. Each person’s condition is… Read Full Article

Question: My understanding is that surgery is the closest thing to “curing” cancer. Is this true?

doctor speaking with female patient who is stressed and upset

I think surgery is the closest thing we have to achieving a cure in our conventional playbook. Many people look at surgery as the holy grail of therapies since we all want to “get the cancer out” of our bodies as if it was this foreign invader. While this is a natural “knee-jerk” reaction surgery… Read Full Article

Is there a Role for Chemotherapy and Radiation as Part of Natural Cancer Treatment Plan?

Female Patient undergoing chemotherapy treatments as part of cancer treatment

What are the PROs and CONs for chemo and radiation as part of a natural cancer treatment plan? The current Canadian medical system is an excellent acute or emergency healthcare system. Unfortunately it is not set up to successfully prevent and treat chronic disease such as cancer. While chemo and radiation are extremely toxic therapies… Read Full Article

Are Natural and Integrative Cancer Therapies Compatible with Conventional Treatment Options?

balance with fresh fruits and natural remedies on one side and medical treatments and pills on the other

You’ve certainly asked yourself this before: “Are natural and integrative cancer therapies compatible with conventional treatment options and why is my oncologist still against all natural antioxidants?” There is a large assumption by the public and medical profession that natural and conventional treatments are incompatible. The reality is that the research shows us nothing is… Read Full Article

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